Lake Munmorah Motel



To Lake Munmorah Motel Potential Guests, Past Guests & Supporters:


We are currently still trading & very much open for business!

We are operating within government guidelines for social distancing & we have a Covidsafe plan registered with the NSW government

Social distancing measures may be with us for some time to come, border closures and travel restrictions, may be in place or come into place, during your intended stay with us.

So, before booking with us, please consider the current restrictions and align them with your need for travel & overnight stays.

Having said the above, we believe we have a Covidsafe space for guests to come and stay.

As there are no social gathering spaces here at LMmotel, no pool, no BBQ area, no public bar/lounge etc.

Just clean quiet comfortable rooms for our guests to enjoy in a CovidSafe way.

If our guests enter & exit the site in a CovidSafe manner & take reasonable steps to stay CovidSafe in the surrounding community, then we believe, staying with us at LMmotel is a low risk activity.

As part of our Covidsafe plan that we have introduced here at the motel:


The NSW Police, who will enforce Ministerial directions/restrictions, have advised us, that there are fines for individuals (that means You, the guest)

& also for businesses (that means Us, motel management) that do the wrong thing.

Though our experience here onsite has shown, that most guests are willing and generally operate within the current rules without issue.

Thanks for reading.






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